About Sam

Sam has been an active artist since he was three years old. He has been particularly interested in creating sculptures out of unusual mediums, including shredded paper and sand.  Sam is a self-taught foil sculptor and he has created many pieces from tiny insects to very large dragons.

In addition to foil sculptures, Sam creates amazing mixed-media creatures out of foil, paper-mache, and clay, and he likes to develop new origami patterns. Sam’s academic and personal interests are strongly rooted in science and he aspires to become a scientist specializing in environment science.

Ori-haku – Folding Foil

All of Sam’s foil sculptures follow the rules of Pure Origami: All sculptures are made from a single piece of foil, with NO cutting, tearing, taping, or gluing.  Sam calls this unique art form “Ori-haku,” which means “folding foil” in Japanese. Creating large structures from a single sheet of aluminum foil is a complicated process, which involves folding the foil in a way that the shape also has sufficient structural integrity.  For large sculptures, the initial foil layout takes the floor of an entire large room! Sam enjoys sharing his art form with others through displays and demonstrations.

Sam’s Creations

Foil T-rex

Foil Creations

All foil creations are made from a single sheet of foil.


Mixed Media Sculptures

Sculptures created from foil, paper mache and clay.


Latest Creations

Works in progress